Digital Rebranding for Global Travel & Scenic Travel

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Are websites essential, and how often should they be updated? To our award winning hospitality industry partners at Global Travel / Scenic Travel, websites are essential elements towards their client engagement efforts.

How frequently should websites be updated? Frankly, the team believes that every moment is an engagement opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences. Hence updates ought to be as frequently as possible.

Any new trends for designs in 2014? Well, since global mobile phone penetration rates are exponentially increasing, and that browsing alternates from mobile phones, to tablets, and desktop devices at different times of the day, responsive websites that optimises to browsing behaviours are essential elements of websites for today and tomorrow.

And universal applicability is critical too. Your iOS devices are not going to be able to accept flash based components, therefore it’s essential that brands reconsider having such an element / plugin in their sites.

On a lighter note, as we’re developing these rebranded digital sites, we’ll probably be listening to Frank Sinatra’s or Michael Buble’s cover of #comeflywithme.