Hitting the Sweet Spot on Google Adwords


3 times to be exact, because we’ve just received confirmation based on Google’s Adwords benchmarks across Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines, that our Adwords campaigns have exceeded click through rates by 3 times as compared to other advertisements.

And indeed, digital advertising continues to remain relevant in getting eyeballs and participation on campaigns and brands. Here’s a couple of insights from Google on digital advertisements:

1. People are engaging and interacting more frequently and for more time now than they ever have before. Interaction rate and time, engagement rate and time, and video completions are all on the rise.

2. It seems that different ad formats are better suited for different campaign goals: expanding formats lead to higher interaction rates while in-page formats lead to higher interaction times.

Hence, if you’re not deploying Google Adwords yet, it might be a good time to start thinking about deploying them to catch the attention of audiences in a saturated digital environment. Even if you’re on Google Adwords, do think about diversifying your ads to more formats and sizes, perhaps making them more interactive too, as these do give set the stage for stronger click through rates.

Have a great digital day everyone 🙂